Thursday, June 17, 2010

Picture Of The Day - 16 JUN 2010 "Friendship"

16 JUN 2010 - Friendship
I commented that the 909th FST holds a daily medical lecture series here at FOB Shank. Today, Dr. Aldridge gave another patented white board lecture (The Army generals would love LTC Aldridge's lectures ... the Army command is about ready to ban Powerpoint... Its becoming a pariah).. He covered the microscopic world of our bacterial frenemies (Randy's favorite portmanteau) in preparation for my talk on Antibiotics.

Anyhow... the 909th received accolades yesterday from our Ranger friends. On this day, SFC Beisiadecki presented Dr. Luptak of the Czech Republic with a Certificate of Appreciation from the 909th. Dr. Luptak comes over almost every day to attend lectures, and to help wherever he can. He's a gregarious fella and an excellent physician. The 909th is fortunate to have met such a man. He commented "I have hundreds of certificates from the Czech Republic, but this is the first one from the United States". We're glad that we're the first to give you a certificate from America. Thank you Dr. Luptak!

update: I goofed up and spelled Jorge's name wrong... I am idiot .. it is Luptak... sorry Jorge :(