Monday, July 19, 2010

Goodbye "FaST" Food (and good riddance)

Burger King Delivery - Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
I am told that fast food places like Burger King and Pizza Hut are gone ... at least at Bagram Army Airfield (BAF ... AKA Bagram Airbase). I can't verify if they're gone at Kandahar or other large installations.
Oh... by the way. Why the two different names? BAF is the Army name (Airfields are Army / Airbases are Air Force). The Army turned control of the Airfield over to the Air Force, thus adding the name, Bagram Airbase. However, its known to all simply as BAF.
But I digress. I am completely for the elimination of places like BK and Pizza Hut from military installations. Not only in theaters of war, but in ALL military installations. I simply don't believe there is any reason for their existence on our bases / camps / or posts. I clearly remember the first Burger King in Fort Bliss (circa 1984). I was really amazed that a civilian food chain opened up on the base itself. I ate at it once in the 2 years I was there. I think they add very little to the morale of our troops but they do add to their waste lines. The military desperately needs to address the obesity epidemic with all the force of Shock and Awe.
Pizza Hut To Go - Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
This is in complete contradistinction to my civilian view. I have no issue with BK, Pizza Hut or any other food chain in the civilian world. They're private corporations and I'm all for private industry. The people have a choice in the civilian world. They don't, and shouldn't, in the military. In the civilian world, we need to work harder on making the choice for health the easy choice. Doing this will drive the market.. government should not dictate this in the civilian world.

America simply went too far with spending so much time at work, leaving little or no time for health. For adults, the workplace can be a great place to allow time for health and fitness. It would be beneficial if it were simply part of the day, just like a meeting. In fact, this would be a fantastic recruiting tool; just like health insurance was a recruiting tool. For children, we need to regain the focus on health in school instead of allowing for the continued erosion of physical eduction. How did we let this happen?

I had no intention of writing this rant. But, somehow I just couldn't let it go after seeing these historical photos from CPT J. He was a genius for taking these pictures. For those that believe I am wrong about fast food in the military. That's OK. Its just my opinion. But really... I'm mean really.. Is your happiness at BAF based on burgers and pizza (oh ya.. and ice cream)? I love all that stuff too. But I can do without it (and I did).