Wednesday, August 18, 2010

909th Sundeck

909th Construction Team - FOB Shank - Logar, Afghanistan
I recently saw someone comment on a photo that "there are no blue skies in Afghanistan". He was absolutely adamant. Maybe he should visit here and see for himself.
909th FST Sundeck - FOB Shank - Logar, Afghanistan
There are some days of brilliantly clear blue skies. Good thing the 909th brings its own handymen.
909th McGyvers - FOB Shank - Logar, Afghanistan
I've never seen a group of folks so talented. These guys can build anything. They're kinda-like McGyver!.... A little mesh, some sticks 'o wood and parachute cord... BAM! A new sundeck.
Sundeck Planter Box - FOB Shank - Logar, Afghanistan
But... these guys weren't done... can you believe a bunch of smelly dudes.. in a third world country.. fighting a war... would actually build a planter box outside the trauma entrance? Well... Shoop.... there it is!