Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picture Of The Day - 29 AUG 2010 "Instructions"

M72A2 LAW Rocket
My first encounter with Army "instructions" for the simplest of tasks was in 1984, during basic training. I remember picking up a LAW rocket and seeing the instructions right there on the launch tube. How convenient. I thought, why is that silly drill sergeant expending so much energy telling me how to use this thing, when it's all right there on the launch tube?
29 AUG 2010 - Instructions
Flash forward 25 plus years. Instructions are posted everywhere. This is even worse that the PowerPoint epidemic noted by our friend, Starbuck at Wings Over Iraq. But seriously, isn't this just going a bit too far? Do we really need to see instructions for how to flush a toilet? Are we that stupid, or is the toilet engineering that suboptimal? I really hope it's the engineering. If not, I vote to "use stick located in center of latrine" for beating yourself senseless.