Friday, September 17, 2010

Picture Of The Day - 17 SEP 2010 "Whiskey"

17 SEP 2010 - Whiskey
So, you wanna be a combat medic, AKA 68Whiskey. This isn't the Army's old medic (91B). Today's 68W medics all qualify as emergency medical technicians-basic. They are trained in advanced airway skills, hemorrhage control techniques, shock management and evacuation. They also must re-certify their skills every two years, and must earn 72 hours of continuing education credits during those two years. These soldiers are the most "independent" enlisted rank on the battlefield. It is up to them to make decisions that truly effect who lives and who dies. Its an awesome responsibility placed on young men and women, most of whom are not much more than one to 4 years out from high school. Therefore, only the most trusted 68W is allowed to go out routinely as a "line medic". In the photo above, SPC "K" is in Logar, Afghanistan at FOB Shank, serving his second deployment with the 173d Airborne. His first deployment was in 2007 with the 173d Airborne while they fought in the Korengal Valley. If you want to see what life was like during that deployment, I recommend that you see the documentary, Restrepo. The documentary, by Sebastian Junger, is a raw look at a single platoon of the 173d in the Korengal Valley.