Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picture Of The Day - 07 OCT 2010 "Boys"

07 OCT 2010 - Boys
Every boy loves a girl with a gun! Especially if she's an Army captain and a nurse to boot. :) .... 

This photo comes from the vault of CPT "T". The boys are perpetual fixtures at the heavy weapons range in the area and they love to pose for the camera. They also like to pick your pocket when given the opportunity. I almost lost my camera to a 6 year old jack rabbit. 

The boys are on the range to collect the brass that can be sold for a relatively good price. Although, I doubt that they see any of the money. My impression was, they looked like poor orphan boys with no place to live. In reality, I have no idea where they came from or if they had family at all. As best as I can surmise, this was there only means of subsisting.